Mercury Retrograde and Its Impact on Your Life

If you do not know the terminologies used in astrology, you may wonder what people mean when they say mercury is about to retrograde once more. Mercury retrograde is one of the planetary aspects that seem to garner most attention and generate lots of questions from readers. The reason behind the interest in this phenomenal is that it affects almost everyone in a uniform way and the effects are obvious. The moment you start paying attention to how events change in your life during these phases, you will start seeing the importance of taking note of them.

According to astrologers, when you keep track of mercury retrograde periods, you can enhance your productivity and steer clear of the frustration they may bring about.

In 2016, Mercury retrograde periods are as follows:

January 5th to January 25th, April 28th to May 22nd, August 30th to September 22nd, and December 19 to January 8th, 2017.

Areas of Life Ruled by Mercury

There are lots of areas in our lives which are directly ruled by mercury and these include listening, communication, researching, reading, learning, speaking, buying, selling, and negotiating. Also, Mercury rules contracts and agreements, term papers and manuscripts, leases, wills, deeds, and so forth.

Included in Mercury’s domain are all types of coding such as computer codes, shipping, transportation, and travel. Every time Mercury retrogrades, these areas spin out of control or get scrambled.

The reason why this happens is because when Mercury retrogrades, it gets into a sleeping or resting state. This means as Mercury naps, the activities which it governs tend to experience a bit of pandemonium because of lack of active supervision.

Things You Should or Shouldn’t Do When Mercury Retrogrades

When Mercury is retrograde, avoid undertaking important moves because nothing can be successfully settled during this period. Getting a firm decision from other people can be a challenge during this time because it may be subject to change later on or just after Mercury turns to direct motion.

Never do anything involving communications such as launching a website, magazine, or publicity campaign. Also avoid signing contracts or new agreements even if they are oral. This is because the environment is fluid and changeable.

Elements Mercury Retrograde Favors

Every year, Mercury tends to favor one element over the other. For instance, in 2012, Mercury retrograded in fire signs which meant people needed to apply visionary new and innovative solutions to problems. Fire signs are usually highly creative, brave, and pioneering.

When Mercury retrogrades in an earth sign, you should be very practical in finding solutions as well as adhere to limits of budget or time strictly. When Mercury is retrograde, money plays a key role in both the problem and the answer.

When an air sign characterizes Mercury retrogrades, lots of discussion tends to take place. This is because air signs are extremely communicative. Research tends to be productive at this time.

In addition to the above, watch out for Mercury retrogrades that are a water sign. Intuition tends to rule during this phase.