World Religions and Their View on the Human Condition

Human beings have constantly been attracted to the mystery of life surrounding its origin, meaning and finality. In an attempt to seek answers to some of the fundamental questions regarding creation, life, and death, people have resorted to religious approaches.

The Religious View of Human Beings

According to Theravada Buddhism, human beings are just an illusion or better still a temporary combination of aggregates none of which is real. Pantheist religions view humans as a tiny part of the Ultimate Reality that is locked up by the physical experience illusion. Manichaeism and Gnosticism which are referred to as dualistic religions, state that humans are spiritual beings that came from another world. Lastly, monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam regard human beings as people who were created in the image of God.

The Human Condition in Hinduism

According to Hindu religion, both men and gods originated from an impersonal primordial entity. The creator known as Prajapati appeared from the golden egg and created the world as well as humans from his own body through the power of his ardor. The product of the golden egg known as Purusha is what led to the building of the physical world, the animals, the four-castle system as well as the duality of sexes.

Human beings are dependent on the gods which include Agni, Indra, Yama, Soma, and Varuna. The destiny of human beings according to Hinduism is eternal life in a celestial world. Yama, the god of death is the one responsible for the souls of the dead and receives offerings of the respective families to the benefit of the departed.

The Human Condition in Buddhism

In Buddhism, humans are painted as a body that is diseased, full of wounds, and many thoughts which are neither stable nor permanent. Humans are a product of five factors which are interdependent and in a constant process of becoming. These five factors also known as aggregates are:

  • The body which is referred to as rupa
  • Sensations and feelings which come from the sense organs
  • Cognition which involves classification and labeling mental and sensory objects that enable us to recognize them
  • Mental constructions which initiate action and shape our character
  • Consciousness which is the sense of awareness that generates the illusion of a self

Therefore, Buddhism views human beings as a cluster of dynamic physical and mental processes which are movers nyc with no underlying self. In addition to humans suffering, life itself is suffering.

Human Condition in Monotheistic Religions

Judaism and Christianity perceive humans as creations of God who created the universe from nothing. Man was created according to the Bible from the dust of the ground and God himself breathed life into his nostrils and that is how he became a living being.

The human being in monotheistic religions has a physical dimension known as the body as well as a spiritual one known as the soul. Both the physical and spiritual are created by God at the same time and hence human beings are not a pre-existent celestial soul that fell into a material body.




The Predictive Power of Progressed Moon Signs

The moon happens to be the fastest moving “planet” and for the same reason, the Progressed Moon is also the fastest moving progressed “planet”. Moving at approximately 12 degrees per year, the Progressed Moon passes through the zodiac sign for about two and half years. These two and a half year periods, there is so much that happens in form of attitude shifts in our lives. Normally, the current sign projected by the Progressed Moon shows the energies we are drawn to at that particular time.

Since the zodiac signs move from masculine then feminine and back to masculine and so forth, the two and a half year periods comprise a shift in our energies from outward to inward and then outward again.

Progressed Moon in Aries

This phase of life is focused on outward-oriented energy. During this period, challenges, stimulations, and direct confrontations abound. The focus is on fresh starts, new beginnings, new projects, and new found courage because there is a feeling of motivation in these directions.

Progressed Moon in Taurus

After welcoming change and action in Aries, Progressed Moon in Taurus signals a slowdown and the beginning of seeking out security in our lives. This is a somewhat impatient and competitive period and we cease to look for new experiences as we manage our lives in a more secure and solid manner. During this period, we value predictability.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

As the Progressed Moon gradually shifts signs to Gemini, there is an ignition of curiosity. There is a strong need to communicate with others as we explore our little worlds, hope for open doors and reach out to others. This is a markedly busy and more sociable period in our lives where new friendships are made.

Progressed Moon in Cancer

This is a time when we seek the comforts of a home base. We gradually turn inward and start focusing on building our families and solidifying our home base. There is a greater need for security and comfort.

Progressed Moon in Leo

This period in our lives come with a desire for self-expression. Being a masculine phase, our energies are directed outwards and we are confident moving about in the world because of our greater need to be seen, heard and noticed. This time is also characterized by the desire to create and put our talents on display.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

This phase indicates a desire and need to perfect our craft. It is a time of dedication to health, work and routine. It is more of an introverted period when you have your nose to the grindstone.

Progressed Moon in Libra

This ushers in a sociable atmosphere with the increased need to compromise and just be with people. Attention is shifted towards attractiveness, physical appearance, as well as graciousness.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

Emotional commitments during this phase come into focus and the hunger for deeper experiences and powerful bonds come into play. This time, harmony takes a backseat as you reach out to more powerful and significant things in your life.

Other signs to watch out for include Progressed Moon in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.





Mercury Retrograde and Its Impact on Your Life

If you do not know the terminologies used in astrology, you may wonder what people mean when they say mercury is about to retrograde once more. Mercury retrograde is one of the planetary aspects that seem to garner most attention and generate lots of questions from readers. The reason behind the interest in this phenomenal is that it affects almost everyone in a uniform way and the effects are obvious. The moment you start paying attention to how events change in your life during these phases, you will start seeing the importance of taking note of them.

According to astrologers, when you keep track of mercury retrograde periods, you can enhance your productivity and steer clear of the frustration they may bring about.

In 2016, Mercury retrograde periods are as follows:

January 5th to January 25th, April 28th to May 22nd, August 30th to September 22nd, and December 19 to January 8th, 2017.

Areas of Life Ruled by Mercury

There are lots of areas in our lives which are directly ruled by mercury and these include listening, communication, researching, reading, learning, speaking, buying, selling, and negotiating. Also, Mercury rules contracts and agreements, term papers and manuscripts, leases, wills, deeds, and so forth.

Included in Mercury’s domain are all types of coding such as computer codes, shipping, transportation, and travel. Every time Mercury retrogrades, these areas spin out of control or get scrambled.

The reason why this happens is because when Mercury retrogrades, it gets into a sleeping or resting state. This means as Mercury naps, the activities which it governs tend to experience a bit of pandemonium because of lack of active supervision.

Things You Should or Shouldn’t Do When Mercury Retrogrades

When Mercury is retrograde, avoid undertaking important moves because nothing can be successfully settled during this period. Getting a firm decision from other people can be a challenge during this time because it may be subject to change later on or just after Mercury turns to direct motion.

Never do anything involving communications such as launching a website, magazine, or publicity campaign. Also avoid signing contracts or new agreements even if they are oral. This is because the environment is fluid and changeable.

Elements Mercury Retrograde Favors

Every year, Mercury tends to favor one element over the other. For instance, in 2012, Mercury retrograded in fire signs which meant people needed to apply visionary new and innovative solutions to problems. Fire signs are usually highly creative, brave, and pioneering.

When Mercury retrogrades in an earth sign, you should be very practical in finding solutions as well as adhere to limits of budget or time strictly. When Mercury is retrograde, money plays a key role in both the problem and the answer.

When an air sign characterizes Mercury retrogrades, lots of discussion tends to take place. This is because air signs are extremely communicative. Research tends to be productive at this time.

In addition to the above, watch out for Mercury retrogrades that are a water sign. Intuition tends to rule during this phase.


How Tarot Reading Can Help Interpret Your Dreams

The dream world is full of imageries and symbols which have for long been a center of mysterious revelation. Many people use the power of Tarot cards to interpret the meaning of their dreams. Basic as it is, the Tarot reading technique can enlighten us as well as provide a possible insight into this realm of our psyche.

Dreams are in essence the foundation of our conscious minds and they depict the pre-symbolic and subconscious symbolic imagery which defines us as human beings. The subconscious defines our personalities in the same manner a peach is defined by its silhouette.

Keeping a Dream Journal

This is an invaluable step if you are to understand your dreams. Inasmuch as we may dream oftentimes, what we dream of tends to be washed away by the events of the day. This is why it is important to write your dreams down before they become forgotten cases. This helps keep the imagery from sliding back into your subconscious mind and helps in the conversion of your dream images into Tarot images.

You can use either a journal or a hardbound notebook to store your dreams. Some have even gone ahead to record their dreams using personal digital tape recorders. Whichever method you settle on, it is wholly up to you.

Breaking Down Your Dreams into Sections

As you journalize your dreams, it is important you separate them into sections or parts. These sections should detail the imagery that you found in your dreams. Be keen to note any unusual environmental factors because these may provide clues to the meaning of your dream.

Separating your dream into sections gives you the opportunity to pick up the dream imagery in each of these parts which is then transposed into Tarot imagery to enable you decipher them. Because Tarot cards come with a predefined corollary, deciphering encrypted meanings becomes much easier.

Correlating Dream Imagery to Tarot Cards

This is the final stage in interpreting your dreams. After you have identified the dream imagery and isolated them into parts, you should now select the corresponding Tarot cards which collate with the imagery. At this point, you can comfortably form an interpretation of what your dream means to you.

Dreams have a huge untapped potential of things that are going on in the subconscious mind. Using divinatory aids, you can uncover the true meaning of these dreams, trigger memories and possibly decipher the imagery stored when our minds are in a sleeping state. Getting access to the realm of subconscious thoughts can give you insights into things you are not privy to while awake.

By harnessing the power of dreams, your life can be a rewarding experience. Fortunately, Tarot cards give you that much needed access key to open up the storehouse that keeps the deepest of your inner thoughts. This can even give answers to some of your deepest questions.