The Rise of Anti-Religious Forces Fueling Secularization

Religion is a key pillar of human existence and a majority of people subscribe to one religion or the other. The society has derived most of its core values from religious standpoints and overly most of the laws used are bent favorably towards religion. However, modernity has come in and a crop of people are slowly moving towards a more secularized orientation thanks to the anti-religious forces.

These forces which are tied around intelligence, science and education are heavily weighing on the pillar of religion and are increasingly causing people to be less religious.

Modernism and Compartmentalism

Modernism is largely linked with individualism and compartmentalism. This simply means our private lives have become separate to our religious beliefs, work lives, political opinions, and intellectual achievements. This sort of separation has caused religion to take sidelines when it comes to the role it plays in our lives. Modernism on the other hand has made religion to succumb to reason and now a free marketplace exists not only for goods but beliefs as well.


In the modern democratic world we are living in, there is a culture of moderation and toleration towards beliefs and this is what has made people to easily accept even the most extreme differences of belief as they are seen to reflect personal choice. There are lots of intellectual discussions and debates which cover the various aspects of belief.

Because of the era of individualism, religion has now become a private choice and not a communal one. People can freely pick their belief systems and are no longer restricted to the mainstream religious bodies which used to enforce correct belief.


Societalization is pointed out as one of the main factors that is reducing the influence and power of religion in the contemporary world. With technology and modern means of transport, the world’s cultures are a few hours away. When this combines with increased literacy and information about other religions and cultures, people become increasingly aware and are influenced by other cultures. Believers are now choosing from a spectrum of beliefs rather than depending on a single religious source.

Multiculturism also take away the powers of preachers to reassure and reaffirm their followers that they are better than the rest. The aggressive notion that one religion is better compared to the other is defanged.


Intelligent people are the most doubtful and this is why they keep on challenging religion from both within and without. Generally, intelligence and education are contradictory to belief and faith. Over thousands of years, intelligent philosophers have been on record trying to voice their concerns, doubts, and questions over certain aspects of popular religions. Unfortunately, such people have been considered heretic and unwholesome and as such silenced, imprisoned or even murdered. Intelligence in its nature causes doubts of facts.

Lastly, the internet has played a huge role in undermining the basic tenets of religion in many ways. By granting access to descanters and exposing people to competing claims, the internet has given a platform for religion to be challenged.

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